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Life at Active Logic

Balanced Worklife

We’re a team of people. Real people. With real lives. We find value in a clear separation between work and home and respect your mental well-being.

Don’t get us wrong, we also benefit from having these boundaries. We often don’t allow our staff to work more than a typical 40 hour week because we do not want you burned out. We want you to stay and do your job well, so it’s our goal to make sure you’re happy. 

Work Flexibility & Remote Work

Wether you want to work from home or the office, then we’re probably the company for you! We love collaborating with our developers and would love to see you in the office, but that is entirely up to you! We communicate frequent and always stay connected no matter where you’re working from!

Active Logic puts a high emphasis on knowing the people we work with, working together, white-boarding things out, discussing situations, etc. We feel it makes for better collaboration and for a better final product for our clients.

Salary & Benefits

We pay a premium for talented developers. We adjust salaries based on your performance and experience. This can happen multiple times in a given year. You’ll NEVER be stagnant on our team. There is always room to grow!

  • Competitive and Generous Salary
  • Full-Benefits (Health, Vision, Dental, & Life)
  • 401K Retirement with Company Match
  • Company-paid Disability & life Insurance
  • Unlimited PTO (Paid-time-off)
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Healthy & Respected Work/Life Balance
New & Challenging Work

Because we’re an agency, we have the opportunity to work on some really cool pieces of software! Everything from creating your own CRM for a company to run their business to developing Augmented Reality apps and everything in-between.

If you desire to grow your skills and have a team at your back who will help you along the way, then you’re going to really love it here! Opportunities abound!

Minimum Qualifications

We want to work with the best developers in a myriad of different skill-sets! Here are a few of the minimum requirements:

3+ Years Professional

Source Control
Experience (GIT)

Design Patterns

Object Orientated



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