Top 5 Reasons to Choose Vue.js


Vue.js is a popular front-end JavaScript framework that dates back to 2014. It boasts a flexible design that is focused on both component composition and declarative rendering. Since its introduction, Vue.js has continued to garner use from web developers. Even in 2022. And that is because it provides simplicity, a strong community and serious stability. […]

What is Laravel and Why We Use It?


At Active Logic, we believe in using cutting-edge technology in order to provide you with the software solutions that your business needs. One system that we operate with is Laravel. Which allows us to provide you with secure, efficient and customizable pieces of software. That will help your business handle your current requirements as well […]

The Cost of Software Development


When searching for the right software for your business, it is likely that you will weigh the choice between off-the-shelf software and custom software development. Each option comes with a unique set of pros and cons. One of the most major being differences in cost. Custom software development cost can vary greatly depending on the […]

What is a Legacy System?

A legacy system is a piece of outdated or old computing software that is still in use. While it may be true that the system is still functioning, it may not be up to modern standards and can even cause security risks. Which will damage a company’s bottom line. Legacy software can also cause issues […]

Most Common Software Development Issues and Challenges


Software development can come with its own set of unique and complicated challenges. With these software development problems, it is important to find the proper solutions. This is where our team at ActiveLogic Labs can help. We have the tools and expertise to aid with your business’s challenges, through on-shore, custom software creation. From implementation […]

Custom Software vs Off-The-Shelf Software


Custom software can affect businesses positively in the long run. Making considering this option truly worth it. At ActiveLogic Labs, we are ready to show you the perks of picking custom-designed software for your business.

Top Five Advantages of Custom Software Development

When choosing which software is right for your business, determining whether custom software or something off-the-shelf may not be an easy choice. There are pros and cons to both. But ultimately, custom software will ensure the right functionality for a specific application. Custom software applications are commissioned by businesses. This means they can help improve efficiency, productivity and overall customer interaction. And that is why we are listing our top five benefits of custom software development.

Budget Items that Clients Frequently Neglect When Creating a New App

Creating an app that will be used by perhaps thousands or even millions of people around the globe is a daunting task to say the least. It is fair to say that sometimes people get a little ahead of themselves and neglect to consider the entire cost of creation and implementation of the app.