Assisting a Local Advertising Agency With our Team-as-a-Service.

Active Logic assisted a local advertising agency with development efforts on a legacy sales engagement tool that a client of theirs had built. [We] were impressed with how willingly and quick they were to jump in and help us figure out the solution. 

I am the director of emerging technologies at Merge. Merge is a national mid-sized advertising agency with about 5-600 people. We’ve got offices here in K.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and L.A.

I think we started working with Active Logic around two years ago. We were being brought some development work that we just really didn’t have the capacity for in-house, we had a really small in-house development team that wasn’t very specialized and I was at that time extremely overloaded.

Client Notes

"The Active Logic team was able to come in and kind of take that old code base, look at it, modernize it."

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Active Logic is a great partner. Their ability to meet our deadlines, their flexibility in dealing and rolling with the punches, especially, has been great. They have been willing to bend over backward with crazy urgent requests.

 While the timeline on this engagement was not long, the amount of work they were able to get done in the short window is what sets them apart. 

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