Custom Web, iOS, and Android mobile applications for a trucking & logistics company.

With the help of Active Logic, a streamlined system was able to be developed. This new system offers total customization and automation. Allowing for both secure and functional operation. In addition to a new software system, a mobile application was created for both iOS and Android. Making human interaction an easier task. The mobile app was developed through ReactNative and can communicate with the CRM.

While the company wishes to remain anonymous, our client is the owner of a trucking and logistics company dealing in commercial fleet shipping and storage. 

Their previous software system was the challenge. The program was non-customizable and was no longer able to meet their needs. In order to work across different companies with unique data, a new system was needed. One that could expand with and handle their day-to-day operations.

Client Notes

“With the help of ActiveLogic Labs, a streamlined system was able to be developed.”

[We] received a product that is able to meet specific needs. With continued support and expansion, this software solution will enable [us] to grow smoothly. Better yet, the project fell into the scope of budgetary requirements. All while maintaining a local, friendly support team. The initial project was completed over the course of 9 months.

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