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Keep your Development Budget Small with our Local Senior Level React Native Developers.

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React Native Develops Mobile Apps That are Written with a Single Codebase Saving you Time and Money.


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Active Logic Will Make Your Designs Come to Life With Our US Based, Senior Level Developers & Deployment Team.

Endless Capabilities With React Native

Whether it be an existing or a new project from the ground up, our team of senior React Native developers can provide solutions.

Organize Your Projects Easier

Our React development services allow you to maintain consistent updates on the current status, budget, and productivity of all of your projects at hand.

Delegate Resources Accordingly

Our standard React Native development techniques allow for easier planning and navigation of your enterprise's resources

And So Much More!

Nothing is out of the realm of capabilities for our React Native developers here at Active Logic. Contact Us for more information on how we can provide you a customized React Native solution!

Workflow for React Native Mobile Development


When planning the React Native application that your company needs to be developed, our team of experts discusses all aspects of your business that need to be considered throughout mobile development. Ongoing communication allows us to better understand your company’s workflow, the overall goals of your enterprise, and find automation possibilities. From there, a solidified plan of action is created for the rest of the process.


The designing stage of your custom React Native mobile application begins with our expert developers evaluating the most streamlined architecture system to be implemented into the application. Once that is determined, the best programming language and frameworks are chosen to enhance overall security and align with your company’s needs.


Once the designs and prototypes for the custom web application are drafted, our team of experienced custom React Native developers takes the lead to bring the concept to reality. With the utilization of our agile methodology, the opportunity for adjustments or additions is never out of reach. Our bi-weekly meetings offer the opportunity for us to showcase the progress that has been completed, and for you to ask questions and provide feedback as to what has been developed. Should there be something that has to be added or removed from the scope of the project, these meetings provide the time for adjustments to be made on the fly.


While our web application developers consistently test your new custom web application throughout the coding phase, we have a dedicated team of Quality Assurance developers who take over once the project is complete. Utilizing different methods such as integration testing & performance testing, our QA Analysts ensure that all features in the custom React Native application function properly before releasing it to you for widespread use.


Once the features have been verified and testing has been completed, we want to see how the web application performs in your business’s environment. While some bugs and errors may still appear, the overall goals of the web application should still be met. Our work at Active Logic doesn’t stop once your business receives the custom web application. Any and all bugs & errors will be corrected in a timely manner through our custom application maintenance services and lifetime support. A custom maintenance program is created on a client-by-client basis to ensure the support provided fits your needs precisely.

React Native Team-as-a-Service Development:

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Active Logic is a growing custom software development team specializing in professional mobile development Services. We have the largest development team of our kind with all of our engineers located 100% in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has the ability to handle nearly every modern Javascript front-end framework, including, but not limited to VueJS, ReactJS, & Angular. 

Laravel offers some really great tools like Forge & Envoyer, we like to use these tools when we can. However, some of our clients have their environment setup within Docker and we are happy to use other services. 

Because of the nature of software development, our team charges hourly (Time & Materials) for our services.

Because we charge time & materials for our work, we have a blended rate and the rate can vary depending on the length and complexity of the project. Typically, the rate is between $120 to $175 per hour.

We do our best to provides estimated times for all work performed, but please understand these are estimates and there are an infinite amount of variables outside of our own control that can affect this.

Yes, we are happy to sign an NDA as long as it is a mutual NDA & does not include a non-compete clause. We can supply our NDA if you don’t have one.

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