Most Common Software Development Issues and Challenges

Software development can come with its own set of unique and complicated challenges. With these software development problems, it is important to find the proper solutions. This is where our team at Active Logic can help. We have the tools and expertise to aid with your business’s challenges, through on-shore, custom software creation. From implementation to meeting deadlines, we provide support at every step of the software development process. It is for that reason that we are laying out the top software development issues and challenges.

Managing Changing Software Requirements

When it comes to developing software for your business needs, it is important to lay a clear foundation. With clear and concrete intent, custom software can be created that meets both needs and expectations. If your needs are unclear, it can lead to not only a longer development timeline but an incorrect cost estimate as well as other painful software development issues. 

Similarly, managing software requirements throughout the development process plays a key role. Changing even a minor element can make for a significant delay in custom software completion. To avoid this, document the features, functionalities, and other aspects that your business requires. Through clear communication, your individual needs will be met correctly.

Off-Shore vs. On-Shore Software Development

In terms of modern software development, there are options. These include both off-shore and on-shore software development. But, what are the key differences in determining which is right for your business? Off-shore software development may seem like an attractive choice on the surface level. It is oftentimes cheaper than developing software stateside. As with most things in life though, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is. While you can save money initially, there is no guarantee that communication will be clear and that the final product be delivered in a timely manner. In the end, going off-shore can lead to costly headaches.

At Active Logic, we believe that on-shore solutions provide the best results. Your company’s information will be safely handled and you can count on dedicated support for the product that you are buying. Our Software Leads have years of experience, meaning they have the know-how for best practices and quality assurance. They will manage your expectations and deliver project support from start to finish.

Keeping Expectations Realistic

Keeping expectations in-line with reality will provide you with a satisfactory end product. Whether it be a live streaming platform or mobile app, knowing the capabilities that are possible and in-line with your business needs means that you can enlist our team with confidence.

We have a lengthy portfolio documenting our past accolades. Better yet, we are equipped to help manage your expectations. Keeping your software solution requirements realistic and successful.  

Implementation & Continued Support

Developing software comes with its own set of issues. But it is important that implementation is done properly as well. As a software solution is implemented, bugs may appear. And reducing their impact and occurrence needs to be a high priority. Flawed implementation can cause delays and significantly impact your business’s productivity.

Our goal is to give the product you purchase continued support. This means your investment will remain functional and in full operation. 

Get the Proper Software Solution for Your Business

As a software development company, we pride ourselves in our ability to help with your software needs. Through our tools, expertise and dedicated support, we can handle a number of various solutions. Since 2014 we have been helping local start-ups and established businesses with application software and more.

You can contact our team in order to learn more. Our friendly staff will glaldy answer any questions and concerns that you may have, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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