Custom Software Development Company.

High-quality software is the key to a competitive edge, successful business operations, and smooth growth. Companies that choose custom software development tend to achieve their revenue goals faster than those that rely on generic solutions. Active Logic’s team of custom software development experts is ready to help your company succeed.

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The Importance of Custom Software Development

Technology is an integral part of 21st-century business operations. Leveraging the latest available tools puts companies ahead of the competition. An average department uses between 40 and 60 different apps. Even if your company is small, it’s likely to take advantage of at least 20 different programs.

Juggling all these apps can be time-consuming, frustrating, and not always efficient. While you can still achieve business goals with off-the-shelf software, companies that use custom software development services are likely to leave you behind.

Custom app development allows your team members to streamline their work, focus on revenue-generating activities, and prevent unfortunate mistakes. Developing custom software is integral to creating and maintaining a market advantage.

As the leading custom software development company in the United States, Active Logic pools tools and resources to provide the most demanded customized solutions for each business. From consumer-facing platforms to internal apps, our developers can reinforce your company’s operations and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our Custom Application Development Technologies

Custom software development requires continuous monitoring and leveraging of the latest technologies. At the times when new tools are appearing faster than you can say “Laravel,” relying on outdated tech leads to low output, stolen market share, and ineffective business operations.

At Active Logic, we rely on the most effective modern tools that help our team keep custom software development at a high level. Thanks to their experience and an excellent understanding of business needs, our experts can create a unique app designed to achieve your company’s goals in the most effective way possible.

While we know how to cater to Kansas businesses across numerous industries, we take the time to study other locations and their specifics. If you are ready to delegate custom software developments to the leading experts in the development industry, we are here to help.

Our custom software development firm works with a wide range of native frameworks and programming languages, including:

Depending on the type of app you need, our team of custom software developers can offer the most suitable development tools and frameworks.

Types of Custom Software That We Develop

At Active Logic, we offer a wide range of custom software development services. By delegating the development process to our team, you are taking the fastest way to obtaining a high-quality solution.

Enterprise software

If you need a versatile enterprise app, we can create a program that doesn’t just help your team work but also offers centralized storage for corporate data. Enterprise software we create allows multiple users to access the data whenever needed to encourage faster and more effective operations.

Internal Department Software

Did you know that the majority of your employees waste time on unnecessary tasks? That usually happens because they lack personalized software. Active Logic designs applications for each department with its specific needs in mind. This custom software can help your employees get the job done faster and gain time to focus on other revenue-generating tasks.

Customer Facing Software

Regardless of your industry, customer, client, and patient satisfaction is likely to be your goal. Today, the majority of consumers expect personalization coupled with efficiency. With our custom application development team on your side, you can take advantage of top-notch apps that boost customer satisfaction, improve the workflow, and help you become the industry leader.

Business Operation Management Software

Automating business processes is no longer a luxury, it’s an integral part of any company’s operation. Doing it with off-the-shelf software is rarely 100% effective. Trying to work with several different programs to achieve a goal leads to wasted time, or worse, errors. At Active Logic, we can create a custom program that can help manage and automate business operations in the most effective way possible.

Our team of experienced software developers can create solutions to cater to a variety of business needs including accounting, business analytics, supply chain management, security, and much more.

Our Custom Software Development Process

At Active Logic, we believe that extensive communication with the client is the key to successful development. Our experts work with your team to ensure 100% effectiveness, speed, and satisfaction.


During the planning stage, we analyze your company’s workflow, find automation possibilities, review business needs, study goals, and come up with a custom solution.


During the design stage, our experts focus on the app’s architecture and programming. We look into the best programming language and framework for the company’s needs, plan for user interface, choose platforms, and develop plans for security.


Once the design and prototype are ready, our coding experts take the lead. Everything that we came up with needs to be transferred into code. Since we use the agile methodology, there is always an opportunity to make changes in the proces


Before we give you an opportunity to start using the application, we run extensive tests. The goal is to make sure all features work perfectly.


Once the testing is done, we deploy the app to see how it works in your environment. While some bugs and errors may still appear at this stage, the app should already begin achieving the expected goals.

Once you start using the custom app, our work continues. We offer custom application maintenance services and lifetime support. Our experts design a maintenance program specifically for your app to ensure smooth operation for years to come.

Why Choose Active Logic
Custom Software Development Team


Our team strives to achieve 100% client satisfaction and always succeeds.

Reasonable prices

You don’t have to break the bank to take advantage of our custom software development services.


Our custom software development team has extensive expertise across numerous platforms, languages, and industries.

Comprehensive services

Our experienced developers take you through the entire custom software development journey, from planning and design to support and maintenance.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

The decision to develop custom software is always a hard one for companies. From enterprises to startups, custom business application development is a serious process. While many companies try to rely on off-the-shelf apps, they always contemplate whether switching to custom software is a favorable choice.

Tailored to Your Needs

The key problem that companies face with off-the-shelf apps is the lack of personalization. These programs are developed with many companies’ needs in mind. The majority of them is applicable across different industries. While this seems appealing, such versatility isn’t always an advantage.

Off-the-shelf apps are likely to have a variety of features that you will never need. You would have to find your way around them to take advantage of the necessary functions.

When it comes to custom software, it’s designed specifically for your company. Your employees would never find any unnecessary features. Each part of the custom solution contributes to your company’s goals.


When the time comes for your company to grow or scale, you could find that off-the-shelf solutions can no longer satisfy business needs. To deal with the problem, business owners invest in new off-the-shelf applications. This comes with extra curves, a high learning curve, and even downtime.

If you choose custom software development, you can create a program that changes according to your business needs. By implementing timely upgrades, a custom software development company can adjust the app to fit the new requirements.

This can help save your company time and money while allowing it to grow or scale according to the plan.


Security is one of the main issues that companies all over the world face. When you work with data, you always risk losing it. Off-the-shelf programs are available for anyone to tamper with. When a hacker buys the same program you use and finds a loophole, they can use that information to steal your data or cause serious problems for your company.

When you opt for a custom app, you and the custom software development company are the only parties who have access to it. This minimizes security risks.

Meanwhile, the developer can implement robust security measures to make sure your data always stays safe within the program.


Support for off-the-shelf programs comes with all sorts of problems. With such a large audience, developers are hard to reach. In case the developer decides to stop supporting the app, it becomes a security hazard.

When you choose custom software development, you get personalized lifetime support for your application. At Active Logic, we make sure you never have any problems with accessing the support staff.

High ROI

While the initial investment into custom software development services may seem substantial, the ROI of such a decision is impressive. When you start using custom software, you can save time and money while streamlining all company’s operations.

With a custom solution, you don’t need to worry about integration issues, high learning curves, and the need to purchase another app when your company’s requirements change slightly. In the end, a custom program can boost your revenue dramatically while giving your business an opportunity to become an industry leader.

Custom software always wins over generic off-the-shelf solutions. The price and complexity of the development process keep companies from taking advantage of the numerous benefits.

At Active Logic, we understand the worries our clients have about costs and timelines. That’s why we work out personalized development plans for each business. With our custom software development experts at the helm, you can get a high-quality product within a reasonable timeframe and at an accessible price.

Custom Software Development FAQ

How long does it take to develop a custom app?

The timeline depends on many factors, including the framework, programming language, design, complexity, and business goals. A simple custom program can be created within a month. A complex solution could take 6 to 9 months to develop. After evaluating your company’s needs, our experts can provide an approximate timeline.

How much does a custom app cost?

The final budget for your custom app can be determined after the planning stage. The cost of custom software development depends on many factors, including the size of your project, the hourly rate of custom software developers, functional requirements, and more. If you share your budget for the development project, we can give you an understanding of what functionality you can get for it and vice versa.

Do you provide software development consulting services?

Yes, our team offers extensive custom software development consulting services. We can help your in-house IT team develop new software solutions and figure out custom software business needs. If you are planning to build custom software and need an external technical opinion, we are here to help.

Why do software development projects often fall behind the schedule and shoot over the budget?

Custom software development involves a huge variety of factors that often change in the process. That’s why the timeline and budget are rarely exact. To avoid these issues, it’s essential to work closely with the custom software development company at all stages of the project. The more your team communicates with ours, the easier it will be to give you an exact estimate and stick to the timeline and budget.

Do you hire offshore software developers?

Many business owners are thinking about outsourcing software development to offshore companies. These developers have lower prices that may seem appealing. In reality, such a decision could cost you a significant amount of money, time, and effort. In the end, you get a product that may not have adequate support, security, and functionality.
At Active Logic, we don’t work with offshore developers. Our team is located in Kansas. That’s why we are always ready to develop, maintain, and support your custom app.