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If you are looking for a company that can offer top-notch database design and development services, Active Logic can help. Our development team has over a decade of experience developing databases for global companies. We focus on exceeding the client’s expectations while providing innovative solutions to enhance their projects. If efficiency, speed, and innovation are your goals too, we are the database development company you need.
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Effective Why Consider Outsourcing Database
for each client

At Active Logic, we strongly believe that a high-quality database is essential to the success of any company. Without it, storing, managing, analyzing, and implementing data can be ineffective and downright frustrating.

We know how hard quality data collection is for any business. Our custom database developers make sure that each piece of data you collect is secure, accessible, and manageable. An effective searchable database that can store large volumes of the company’s data is integral to the success of any business. The high-performing custom database Active Logic creates can help you make the most out of your data, streamline data analytics, and help your company outrun the competition.

What is Database Development?

Database development involves an in-depth analysis of the company’s data requirements and creating a solution for data storage that benefits business goals. Database development companies use a variety of tools to design SQL, NoSQL, Oracle, and other databases for their clients.

The key to successful database development is a clear understanding of what the company hopes to achieve with the new database. At Active Logic, we always start by evaluating our clients’ needs and demands to ensure full satisfaction with the final product.

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Benefits of Custom Database Development
from Active Logic

At Active Logic, we take database development services seriously. When working on your project, we don’t just focus on designing and developing an effective database. We make sure it can help you achieve business goals.
If you decide to work with Active Logic for your database development project, you can take advantage of these benefits:


Over a decade of experience developing databases for companies across many industries.

Innovative tools

Knowledge and experience with a wide collection of database tools.


Full attention to each client regardless of the project’s size or complexity. or chosen technology stack.


Exceptional performance to ensure a smooth development process.


A reliable team of experts that takes your company through all stages of database development to ensure full satisfaction.


An ability to change to adapt to your company’s demands.


A flexible approach to database development to make sure a client is happy with each stage of the project.


Full transparency of the database design, development, testing, and maintenance process.

Why Consider Outsourcing Database Development

High-quality database development is a complex and multifaceted process. Even if you have an in-house team of developers, delegating this project to them could take their attention off more important revenue-generating activities. Meanwhile, the lack of expertise in custom database development could affect the project’s deadlines.
By outsourcing custom database development to the experts at Active Logic, you are getting access to a large team of database development experts. During the project, their sole purpose will be to cater to your company’s database-related needs, requirements, and goals.

Our Database Development Services

Are you ready to develop an effective, comprehensive, and robust database? We are here to help. With Active Logic at the helm of your database development process, you can take advantage of a variety of services.

Custom Database Development Services

Creating a custom database is highly important to the smooth integration with your current software solution. If you already have a database, Active Logic can help improve or revamp it by implementing innovative changes. If you don’t have a database, our team can create a custom solution from scratch. It will integrate with your software and business operations seamlessly.

Custom Database Application Development​

Our database development company designs web and mobile apps that allow you or your clients to access data at any time from any internet-powered device. Our custom-designed database applications allow you to work with complex data and handle it in the most convenient and effective way possible.

Database Development Testing Services

Whether you already have a database or want to take advantage of database design and development services, you need robust testing. Our Q&A team tests the database to take care of any performance issues to make sure your new database works at its peak efficiency. Once we run these tests, our team can make adjustments to the existing solution to ensure consistency, integrity, searchability, and speed.

Database Migration

Once your new custom database is up and running, we can help with data transfers. Our experts can merge and migrate data from various apps, database management systems, and file formats. In the end, you have a ready-to-go database with all the tools you need to data search.

Database Development Support

Active Logic provides 24/7/365 support for the databases it develops. From troubleshooting to updates and upgrades, we are always available to solve any problem. Our team routinely checks database performance to ensure its continuous efficiency.​

Database Consulting Services

If you have a database development plan, we are always ready to discuss it. Our team of developers can provide professional advice that turns your idea into a full-size project. If you have an in-house team working on database development, our developers can complement their effort and ensure the success of your project.