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Front-end development is the key to users’ interaction with your application. The calling card of your app requires a comprehensive approach, in-depth study of user needs, and extensive experience.

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What is Front-End Development?

Front-end development (also called client-side development) creates the user-facing part of the application. Everything the user sees and interacts with when taking advantage of an app requires front-end development. The key goal of successful front-end development is seamless interaction that leads to user satisfaction.

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With user experience becoming the key to numerous business operations, front-end development is gaining momentum. By hiring the right front-end development company, you are ensuring the app’s success and improving your company’s bottom line.

Active Logic is the leading front-end development company that keeps up with the rapid pace of advanced app development across various industries. We aim at achieving a professional and engaging user experience that helps your company reap all the benefits of custom software development.

The key objective of our front-end development services is ensuring smooth user interactions with your app. This has a direct effect on the success of your app development project.

Our Front-End Development Technologies

At Active Logic, we focus on using the latest front-end development technologies that suit our clients’ needs. We arrange regular training for our team to hone its front-end development skills.

Today, we use the popular and highly effective front-end development tech, including:


HTML is the top tool for both simple and advanced web app development. It allows you to create the code version of a wireframe on your webpage. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. This language helps developers create the basic elements that users see in a website application.

While it may seem simplistic, HTML is the core of web app development. Coupled with other technologies, it allows front-end development companies to design and develop complex web projects.

The latest and final HTML version is HTML5. Changes are constantly made to upgrade the version to fit the latest web app building requirements.


Cascading Style Sheets defines how HTML elements are presented in your app. It takes care of design and layout depending on the screen sizes. Similar to HTML, CSS is one of the core technologies used for advanced web app development.

Our front-end development company takes advantage of CSS to ensure the most effective web app design without hindering its functionality. From fonts and colors to shapes and forms, we work to maintain an effective style according to your brand’s needs.

CSS can make your app eye-catching and easy to remember. It’s an essential part of web app development for any business.

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JavaScript is a highly powerful programming language that makes high-quality front-end web app development possible. It’s highly versatile, compact, and flexible. Today, hundreds of tools exist on top of the core JavaScript language to provide various functionality for web apps.

From browser APIs to third-party frameworks and libraries, JavaScript is designed specifically for improving the browser experience. The code can be written right into HTML and executed without the need for prior compilation. In short, it reduces the load on the server, allowing users to have a smooth experience with a web app.

The key advantages of using JavaScript for front-end development include speed, efficiency, simplicity, and popularity. Overall, Java Script is a client-side language that meets front-end development needs.

Front-End Development Services

We offer a variety of front-end development services aimed at designing highly efficient apps for your business. They include:

React.js Development

This top-notch JavaScript library allows for building effective user-friendly apps. It’s used to develop such popular apps as Uber and Netflix. We leverage the React.js framework to bring our clients top-notch functionality that helps them outdo the competition and appeal to the clients.


Node.js Framework

This highly effective framework allows you to develop the front-end part of the app in a fairly short amount of time. Many developers mistakenly believe that Node.js is a backend framework. In reality, it’s perfect for both front-end and back-end development.


React Native Development

This tool allows us to design a native experience between different platforms. React Native focuses on providing top-notch performance for apps across Android, iOS, and browsers. It helps our developers implement complex front-end developing tactics on a wide scale.


This JavaScript-based open-source framework is great for the front-end development of single-page apps. At Active Logic, we take full advantage of Angular.js’s simplicity and functionality to create apps for business across numerous industries.

Advanced Web App Development

Advanced web apps can help your business achieve a variety of goals, including client satisfaction. These apps can help move your entire business online, create online products and services, expand your online presence, and tweak current business operations.

Options for Front-End Development

When we take on your project, our development experts dedicate their time to the full set of front-end development services. We evaluate your needs closely to make sure the final product matches your business goals and drives client satisfaction.

Regardless of which framework we take advantage of to build an effective app, you can count on the following options:

Architecture & Design Services

We evaluate your needs to come up with an efficient design for the front-end architecture as well as the plan to implement the best possible front-end code.

Single-Page App Development

SPAs backed by our powerful front-end development capabilities offer excellent user experience and scalability options.

UI/UX development

These front-end services allow us to provide you with highly scalable web apps with a user interface that drives engagement, conversion, and retention.

Progressive Web Apps

We implement a set of optimal software development tactics to make a web app function similar to mobile and desktop applications. These apps are in high demand in many industries, including healthcare, education, and retail.

Why Choose Active Logic as Your Front-End Development Agency?

Front-end development with Active Logic is a comprehensive experience that drives results and achieves 100% client satisfaction.

If you are planning to outsource front-end development, you need a reliable team of developers. At Active Logic, we stand ahead of the competition because we:

Make Personalization a Top Priority

Our impressive set of front-end development skills allow our experts to take a special approach to personalization. After making a full evaluation of your requirements, we design a plan to create a user-facing app that keeps all of the specific needs in mind.

Create Positive Experiences

Thanks to a large team of front-end developers who have experience working with clients across all industries, we are able to create positive front-end development experiences that drive fruitful partnerships and achieve business goals.

Offer Quick Responses

Since all our clients need front-end development services fast, we base our efforts on providing them as quickly as possible. Over the years, Active Logic has worked out a client-facing approach that allows us to provide results without delays.

Stick to Deadlines

We understand the utter importance of quick development results. While app development and strict schedules rarely mix, at Active Logic, we know how to make them work together.

Build a Dedicated Team

For each project, we delegate a dedicated team that focuses on front-end development for a particular client. You never have to worry about your developers spending time on other projects or being too busy to maintain a fruitful collaboration.

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