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We provide Laravel web & application development services to companies across the nation. We pride ourselves in being the largest 100% onshore, full-stack Laravel development company in the USA. 

Laravel's Capabilities

With such an extensive selection of dependencies, libraries, and functionalities, Laravel web development makes for an attractive, cost-effective option for creating web applications. Laravel’s modular design allows you to incorporate PHP processes with other codebases like Ruby on Rails. Because of the powerful flexibility, you can quickly create a wide variety of applications and integrations like:


Laravel Forge provides top of the line server management tools. Inside of Forges Dashboard you can use this to manage dashboards, users, and permissions. Laravel Forge Pairs perfectly with MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL.


Laravels Horizons is perfect for handling background task. Have you ever needed to generate multiple reports from your CRM to Quickbooks, Laravels lightweight queue system can handle jobs using REDIS, Amazon SQS, MySQL, and Postgres.


Looking to get started in your Ecommerce business? Laravel Spark allows you to hit the ground running with an all in one billing system. Create amazing real time applications while powering your applications with PHP, Node.JS, or many other solutions.


Stop sweating authentication. Laravel provides scaffolding for secure, session based authentication, while Laravel Sanctum provides painless authentication for APIs and Mobile Applications. Deploy your solutions easily using Laravel Envoyer.


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Why Work With Active Logic Laravel Development Company?

Since 2014, Active Logic Labs has worked with startups and Fortune 500 organizations to plan, develop, and execute leading-edge applications for a variety of platforms, including Laravel.

Our team of experienced and security-certified Laravel developers is 100% local, ensuring that your data is handled safely and our staff is always available when you are. Our “no offshore” policy means that quality is high and that you’re only working with a knowledgeable and friendly team.

Plus, our tried-and-true Laravel development process allows us to deliver top-of-the-line solutions at a fraction of the time. Our experience, highly-experienced team, cost-effective pricing structure, and attention to detail has led to our proven track record of success.

Ready to learn more? Get in touch with our Laravel development services company today and learn how you can get the tools in place to reach your business goals.

Laravel's Success

Over the past decade, Laravel has grown to become one of the world’s most popular free, open-source PHP frameworks for web applications. The fact that it’s available to anyone, and contains an impressive collection of built-in features, has made it a go-to choice for web developers. And because it works on a well-established PHP framework, the suite provides access to a range of full-stack development tools with unrivaled security processes, all baked into the framework.

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise-level business, partnering with Active Logic as your Laravel Development Services Company will save you time and resources versus developing your project alone. With over 10 years of experience with Laravel development projects across all industries, our staff of local, highly trained software leads will work with you to get your project from the whiteboard to the web quickly.


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What are the Advantages of Laravel?

Development Quality
Because it’s so widely used, using a Laravel development services company means that you’re adhering to an established set of standards. Building an application with core PHP alone relies on the capabilities and style of the individual developer, whereas Laravel allows the team to stick to specific best practices. Also, Laravel natively includes a strong set of debugging tools to find errors faster. At the end of the day, this results in a faster build time with fewer errors.

Application Scalability
Applications built on core PHP are self-contained, by design. But with Laravel’s layered structure, apps can be expanded and scaled easily. This is in part because the framework makes it easy to repurpose and reuse code while expanding the overall scope through architecture patterns. So you won’t have to worry about completely re-designing the app from the ground up; rather, you can just expand where you need and let the framework handle the heavy lifting.

What are the Disadvantages of Laravel?

There’s a misconception that Laravel is designed for less-experienced developers, but this is far from true. The framework is designed to simplify complex application builds, but it may not be the best option for every PHP use case. For simple app builds, or for highly-specialized projects, the complete control offered by core PHP may be more appropriate.

Why Choose Laravel over core PHP?

PHP is a language, whereas Laravel is a PHP framework. So whereas PHP consists of a set of code that developers can use to create a web application, it doesn't natively include any additional libraries or tools to help with the process. Working with core PHP means that everything has to be created from scratch -- which means a significant amount of coding needs to be done to create a functional application.

As a framework, Laravel simplifies the process by including tools, libraries and functionality into PHP development that makes the build process faster. Think of it this way; you can do raw arithmetic with a pen and paper (core PHP), or you can use a calculator (Laravel framework) to handle the raw math for you.

How Secure is Laravel?

With the constant threat of brute force attacks, malware, and ransomware, it’s more important than ever to ensure your web application incorporates strong security measures. Unfortunately, core PHP doesn’t contain any native security measures — they all need to be layered in separately and customized to work. Laravel, however, natively incorporates security measures like SSL encryption and uses a strong authentication system that effectively safeguards login access and user data.

Where do You Access Laravel Support?

Because it’s an open-source framework available to download from software repositories, there’s no in-built Laravel support. However, because of the large user base, there is an extensive amount of support and help available — but from disparate sources. One of the advantages of working with a Laravel development company like Active Logic Labs is that our team can offer support for any issues that arise with your application and ensure reliable and continuous operations, freeing you from having to hunt down the information and fix it yourself.