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At Active Logic, we have a team of experienced .NET developers who are ready to take on any project regardless of its complexity.

Trusted .NET Engineers

On Demand .NET Development Expertise

For almost a decade, Active Logic has been providing top-notch software development services to companies from all over the world. As one of the leading .net development companies in Kansas, Florida, and beyond, we take on complex projects that have a direct effect on the client’s bottom line. Our robust .NET development solutions help businesses in a variety of industries become stronger and increase their revenue.

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Active Logic’s .NET development services are customized for each client to ensure a perfect fit for their needs. We readily perform integrations with enterprise legacy systems, such as Salesforce, Siebel, and HubSpot.

Our .NET Development Services

Whatever project you have in mind, our team of experienced agile developers can take you through the entire development cycle, offering consulting services every step of the way. We assist you through each stage, including UI/UX design, development, testing, maintenance, and updates.

Web Application Development

Our team offers custom app development solutions that are based on ASP.NET technologies so you can take advantage of a robust app for your business domain.​

Custom Software Development

We readily work on custom .NET development projects that allow you to streamline business operations, increase client satisfaction, improve the experience, and boost revenue.

IoT Solutions

Since IoT is becoming an integral part of many business operations, we offer .NET development services for building IoT systems. These systems contribute to business growth and take companies to new levels of development.

Mobile App Development

We know how a powerful mobile app can streamline your business operations. We use the Xamarin framework to come up with effective solutions that are cross platform.

Desktop Software Development

Desktop software allows you to provide multiple tools for your employees and clients. That’s why our team of .NET desktop developers can provide top-notch desktop software.

Cloud Development (AWS, Google, & Azure)

At the moment, cloud apps are in high demand. We use .NET technologies to help you take full advantage of modern, robust, and scalable cloud-based apps. These apps can run on all the major platforms to cater to your company’s needs.

Why Choose Active Logic As Your .NET Development Company

When you make a decision to take advantage of our .NET development services, we’ll provide you with a team of developers to either complement or fully replace your in-house development experts. If you need to outsource the entire project, you start working with a dedicated .NET development team that focuses on transparent communication, regular reporting, strict guidelines, and the latest development techniques.

By hiring a .NET development company for your next development project, you can enjoy the following benefits:​

Cross-Platform Software Development

You can run applications on different platforms. Perfectly compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc.

High Reliability

.NET is officially supported by Microsoft, which brings extra security and liability into the process.


Since .NET uses multi-tier software architecture, we use it to build highly flexible, easy to update apps. So whenever changes arise, say a need to change your database provider, all that will be required is to adjust just one layer (data layer) without affecting the other layers.

Rich Resources and Sizable Libraries

Numerous development tools are available for creating robust apps in a short period of time.


.NET is great for redesigning and scaling applications as your company’s needs change and grow.

Large Development Community

.NET framework is based on the open-source environment. This allows developers to get quick answers to their questions, thus meeting strict deadlines. Since ASP.NET is one of the most popular frameworks, more and more developers have an opportunity to share their experience and drive it forward.

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