our team-as-a-service model allows you to focus on the work rather than on the developer.

Our team of expert developers comes from a wide range of backgrounds and technology expertise. We can handle a wide range of platform requirements, native design, and programming languages depending on your needs. We can work with your enterprise software, building custom APIs to interface with your new custom software. Customer mobile apps to back-end cloud integration, we’ve got you covered


Unlike staff augmentation our managed service model allows you to focus on the work rather than on the developer.

When you work with Active Logic, you are working with a well equipped and experienced development shop.  You’re not working a staffing agency who’s goal is to find as many developers to throw at you for an interview as possible.

Our team-as-a-service model makes it easy to get rolling on your project quickly! Picking and choosing developers is a thing of the past. All you have to do is collaborate with one of our software leads about what needs to get done. It doesn’t matter if it’s a front-end task, back-end or anything in between. You can be as high-level or low-level as you’d like, our software leads is your main point of contact through the entire development process. It’s the job of the lead to make sure the development efforts get done according to expectation.

Tech Stacks & frameworks

php stacks

Our seasoned team brings together a multitude of skillsets and experience to most of the top web app frameworks & languages used in any modern development. Anything from PHP-based development in Laravel, Symphony, & Zend to Microsoft's .NET framework and everything in between.

javascript stacks

Software as a service platforms are about more than just your standard website design. Their a digital product that aims to build recurring subscription based revenue for you while providing your clients with a cutting edge digital experience. Our team is experienced with all sides of the public-facing digital product experience, including user experience, design, testing, integration, and development!

.net development

Accessibility is critical! Wether it's a public-facing mobile or tablet application or a mobile app used for your clients and employees, meeting your users where their at is key to your success! That's why we develop mobile apps in various stacks including cross-platform apps written in React-Native & Flutter or even natively written apps written in Swift, Objective-C & Kotlin. We have the expertise to build what you need!

Serverless Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud-based infrastructures have changed the game for applications. With so many major hosting provides like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud offering cloud-based and serverless technologies, our team has the ability to take advantage of the benefits of a cloud-based and/or serverless infrastructure using a myriad of different technologies and languages!