A Plethora of Web & Mobile Development Skill Sets From Our Whole Team!

Our team of expert developers comes from a wide range of backgrounds and technology expertise. We can handle a wide range of platform requirements, native design, and programming languages depending on your needs.

Available Tech Stacks & Languages Available From Active Logic!

Our Development Workflow Keeps You In The Loop And Your Budget On Track

ActiveCore can integrate with any other existing system as long as they have an API, but typically we take the place of most off-the-shelf solutions like Salesforce & HubSpot.
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No Long Term Monthly "Per Seat" Fees

Before we can get into full swing with development, your software lead will start to plan out the development and begin the scheduling of developers on the project. Depending on the project requirements, this is also the phase where we start to put together a technical plan for the development & provide any wireframes or prototypes.

Agile Communication

Our primary goal, aside from creating cutting-edge software is to communicate effectively. In addition to our real-time chat software we use to stay in communication, we like to schedule a minimum of one status update (phone call) every week during the entire project to go over what has been done, what is planned to get done and any possible blockers or questions we might have at the time.

Project Leadership

One of our senior software leads will be assigned to your project. Their responsibilities include the complete technical architecture of the software application as well as any client-facing communication & project management.

Billing & Invoicing

Invoices are sent out every two weeks for the hours put into the project. We are transparent with where time is allocated and each invoice will provide a breakdown & hourly report for every hour logged. We’re committed to staying as close to our estimates as possible!

Web & Mobile Software Development Skill Sets

We can work with your enterprise software, building custom APIs to interface with your new custom software. Customer mobile apps to back-end cloud integration, we’ve got you covered.

Advanced Web Application Development

Our seasoned team brings together a multitude of skillsets and experience to most of the top web app frameworks & languages used in any modern development. Anything from PHP-based development in Laravel, Symphony, & Zend to Microsoft’s .NET framework and everything in between.

SaaS Platform & Digital Product Creation

Need to keep track of a job or any other kind of work? It’s no problem… ActiveCore comes built with standard features to keep track of any and all job information, people assigned to the job, the active status, budgets, etc.

IoT, BLE, & Hardware-Based Programming

Communication between devices is critical in many industries! It’s even essential for a lot of wearable and home-based tech. Our team of developers are experienced with low-level development in C++, Python, & Java as well as using technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy, RFID, NFC, Etc…

iOS, Android & Cross Platform Development

Accessibility is critical! Wether it’s a public-facing mobile or tablet application or a mobile app used for your clients and employees, meeting your users where their at is key to your success! That’s why we develop mobile apps in various stacks including cross-platform apps written in React-Native & Flutter or even natively written apps written in Swift, Objective-C & Kotlin. We have the expertise to build what you need!

Cloud-based & Serverless Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud-based infrastructures have changed the game for applications. With so many major hosting provides like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud offering cloud-based and serverless technologies, our team has the ability to take advantage of the benefits of a cloud-based and/or serverless infrastructure using a myriad of different technologies and languages!

AI, Machine Learning, & Data Visualization

Data collection is important for organizational and management purposes, however, just as important are the insights you can gain from your data. Our team is experienced enough to handle basic and advanced style reporting, as well as AI and Machine Learning algorithms to gain additional insight into your data!​

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