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Why Use Javascript Development Services?

With over 95% of applications relying on it in some form, JavaScript (or JS) has been a go-to programming language for top-flight applications.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the exceptional way in which it works with HTML and CSS — the basic underlying tools powering websites — allowing JS applications to integrate seamlessly with web-based platforms while offering unrivaled levels of flexibility and programming power.

In fact, JS is so ubiquitous that virtually any browser or web interface will be able to work with it. The language design lets you start small and grow, and (depending on the framework), it can easily be configured for either client-side or server-side scripting.

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Long Term Stability

One of the problems with emergent technology is that it tends to make older frameworks obsolete, and quickly. But JavaScript has been around for so long, with such an extensive user base, that it’s considered evergreen. So when choosing a JavaScript development company to create your application, you’ll rest easy knowing that your app will be functional and well-supported for years to come.

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Outstanding User Experience

For client-side apps, JavaScript runs incredibly fast. This means that pages and applications built on a JS framework render incredibly quickly, leading to a superior user experience. And thanks to its flexibility, JavaScript contains functionality to create immersive, functional, and beautiful layouts. As Active Logic is committed to delivering customized applications with usability in mind, our JavaScript development team leverages the power and flexibility of JS to create app experiences that are both easy to use and improve productivity.

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Local JavaScript Developers

With some estimates placing the number of JavaScript professionals at nearly two million, you’ll always have access to a talented pool of developers at the ready. It’s one of the reasons why Active Logic hires only the top JavaScript developers for our local Kansas City team, ensuring your app will be the performance powerhouse you need it to be.

Active Logic JavaScript Develpment:

Customized Javascript Solutions for Your Business

With years of full-stack mobile & web application experience, Active Logic is the JavaScript development company that will deliver the custom applications your business needs to thrive.

Starting with a complete consultation that learns about your business needs and challenges, our team will work with you to figure out where you are in relation to your business goals, and how we can help you reach them. From there, our development team will create a wireframe prototype and test integrations with existing programs. Finally, we’ll implement the application and work with you to ensure that it meets specifications and operational needs.

With a local team of JavaScript development experts, an agile development process, complete transparency, and commitment to detail, working with Active Logic’s JavaScript development services can help you regain control over your business processes and maintain a competitive edge.

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Popular Frameworks Used by Our JavaScript Developers

Since 2014, Active Logic has worked with startups and Fortune 500 organizations to plan, develop, and execute leading-edge applications for a variety of platforms, including Laravel. At Active Logic, we have a diverse team with a robust technological background. Whether you decide to choose JavaScript for your project or need help determining the best course of action, we are here to help. A personalized approach coupled with years of experience makes our developers the all-star team you’ve been searching for. Besides JavaScript, we stay on top of a variety of development languages, making it easy to find the best option for your business.

To create applications, JavaScript Development companies frequently work with a range of popular JavaScript frameworks. Instead of creating the code from scratch, frameworks provide a “scaffolding” of pre-built functionalities, allowing developers to create robust, better-performing apps with greater speed and agility. 



Known as a progressive JavaScript framework, Vue.js combines an easier learning curve with a versatile library that can be used to create stunningly responsible user interfaces. While it has a smaller developer base than other frameworks, it’s becoming increasingly popular due to cross-platform attributes that make it quicker to develop applications for a variety of operating systems.


While Node.js should be considered more of a runtime environment than an actual JavaScript framework, its arrival on the scene has revolutionized application performance. Where early JS builds could only act as client-side services, Node.js allows JavaScript programs the ability to run independently of browsers — leading to superior interactivity and performance. With over one billion downloads since its release, Node.js forms the basis for websites like Twitter and Shopify.


React.js is a front-end JavaScript framework used primarily to create user interfaces for applications. However, one major benefit is that it’s designed so that developers can re-use smaller elements, resulting in a less bloated codebase with fewer errors. React.js takes advantage of Virtual DOM to update changed items only instead of re-rendering the components, resulting in outstanding performance.



One of the most popular and oldest frameworks, AngularJS is a Model-View-Controller framework that splits decisions into different streams to improve front-end speed. It’s a highly-developed and well-used framework that can create excellent user experiences, and millions of applications rely on the framework’s flexibility and small code-base to function.

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