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For almost 10 years, Active Logic has been providing PHP develpoment services; we're not stopping anytime soon.

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Being one of the top PHP development companies in Kansas and Florida allows us to provide creative, effective, and comprehensive solutions to businesses all over the country. We take pride in a personalized development approach with speed and convenience being the cherry on top of a fruitful partnership.

The key goal of our services is to have a positive effect on your company’s bottom line. The PHP development service we provide can take your company to the next step of growth and development. Active Logic is always available to take on PHP development projects of various complexity and ensure effective collaboration. We’ve worked with such clients as Stanford University, Ace Hardware, Risk Analytics, and MeRGE.

Excelling Your Business

Why We Offer PHP Development Services

PHP is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective language that can be a wonderful choice for your app development project. Our developers are also always ready to explain which development language or framework is the best for your company’s needs.

Active Logic offers a full set of PHP development services for your business. The reasons why we choose PHP for app development include:

Quick Response Times KEEP

Quick Application Development

Built-in support for databases (e.g., MySQL) allows us to build database applications quickly. That’s why we recommend that clients who want the new app as quickly as possible consider custom PHP development.

Reliability KEEP

Excellent Integrations & Security

PHP can run on various platforms, including Unix and Linux. It can also be easily integrated with other technologies. It’s stellar security features allow for your data to maintain consistent safety.

Business Operations KEEP

PHP Controllability

Compared to some other languages, PHP offers developers a higher degree of control. This contributes to the project’s stability and efficiency.

Reasonable Costs KEEP

Budget Friendly Development

PHP is a cost-effective app development option for many projects. The cost of your new application doesn’t just depend on its complexity. The language you choose matters as well.

Simplicity KEEP

Simplicity of PHP

PHP is logical, well-organized, and easy to work with. Since our team has many years of development experience, learning how to work with PHP was fun and enjoyable.

Flexibility KEEP

Flexible Software Development

PHP allows us to make a variety of changes to the project even if we are deep into the development process. This flexibility ensures the most preferable outcome of the development process while saving both us and the client a lot of valuable time

Covering All The Bases

Our PHP Development Services

We understand that in-house PHP development can be time-consuming, complex, and costly. That’s why we make it easy to outsource PHP development to a reliable partner. Our development team offers a variety of PHP-related services, including:

Custom Web Application Development KEEP

Custom PHP Development

We handle your entire app development project from scratch. All you need to do is tells us what your expectations are.

Project Leadership KEEP

PHP Development Assistance

If you already have an in-house PHP development team, our experts can assist it with smooth app development.

Customer Support KEEP

PHP Consulting & Adjustments

We can help you find the right technologies for a PHP project and offer expert recommendations on solving tech challenges, including bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities. If you already have a PHP app, we can help update and refine it to suit the latest technologies, innovations, and industry requirements.

Customer Facing Software KEEP

Support & Maintenance

Each app that we develop remains under our wing for the rest of its lifecycle. We provide top-notch support and maintenance to ensure smooth operation and compliance.

Multi-talented Developers

PHP Frameworks Used By Our Developers

Whatever project you have in mind, our team of experienced agile developers can take you through the entire development cycle, offering consulting services every step of the way. We assist you through each stage, including UI/UX design, development, testing, maintenance, and updates.

Laravel Development

Laravel is the number one PHP network that is popular for its speed and low learning curve. Its advanced security features and excellent flexibility make Laravel highly appealing for a variety of PHP development projects.

Symfony Development

This framework comes with a strong focus on speed and performance. It’s flexible, easy, and fun to use. This framework also comes with strong community support which makes development and problem-solving much easier. Our developers prefer to use Symfony for complex projects.

Yii Development

Yii Development

If you are looking for speed and flexibility when working on a project of average complexity, the Yii framework is the right choice. It comes with easy configuration options and strong community support.

Zend Development

Zend Development

The key reason why our PHP developers choose Zend is lower technology-relater risks. Other benefits of this flexible framework are excellent customization, huge community support, and distinctive components for testing.

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Check Out Our PHP Case Studies

Our work can speak for itself. We’ve completed projects for a plethora of different organizations utilizing Laravel and have been fortunate enough to document the process along the way.

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