About Us

We Are On-Shore Development Experts, Eager to Produce Solutions

Providing premium custom software development services while holding true to our midwestern roots.

Our Mission is Simple...

Provide Nationwide Organizations with Tailored, Technical Solutions - One System at a Time.

Where it All Began...

With over 30 senior software engineers located in the United States, Active Logic provides custom software & database development services on a myriad of technologies & frameworks for both web & mobile platforms.

Business automation & efficiency are at the heart of our service offering. While we’re capable of developing just about any digital product, we specialize in enhancing your team’s performance by layering our unique development process & team into your existing development structure. Our ability to develop custom systems & database solutions sets the foundation for building the most optimal version of your organization.

Why We Don't Offshore Our Development

In short, the choice of using 100% American developers is rooted in the pursuit of quality & efficiency during development. 

The lack of language barriers and drastic time zone differences allow for effective, real-time communication internally, as well as with our partnering clients. Most importantly though, having access to a completely on-shore development team means that your private data & information will remain confidential and never be sent overseas or sold for a profit. 

These efforts ensure that your development project will not continually need maintenance to serve as a functional product of your organization.

Now Look How Far We've Come.

In only 8 short years, we have accomplished some great things here at Active Logic; and it’s only just the start.

Expert Software
Development Staff

Meet The Team Who Made It All Happen.

Without our team of driven, passionate, and creative developers, none of this would be possible. Get to know those who are excited to eat, sleep, and breathe development.

Robert Kehoe


Active Logic's Founding Father

Starting as a freelancing developer, Robert grew a client list that required a team be assembled. From there, the rest is history.

Don Blackburn

VP of Client Services

Active Logic's Client Liaison

With over 25 years of IT product & service experience, Don brings a wealth of knowledge in his unique approach to delivering effective systems to clients.

Nathan Haley

VP of Technology

Active Logic's Tech Guru

Nathan's 17+ years of technical experience allows for no problem or bug to go unsolved. Whether it be Laravel, all the way to basic HTML, Nathan can find a solution.

Kyle Dudley

Director of Engineering

Active Logic's Point of Contact

Let's do a little 2-sentence write up about each of our team members. Let's make it fun and personable, while showing we know our stuff.

Joe Tano

Director of Engineering

The Jack of All Trades

Endorsed by the masses, Joe's abilities span across all avenues in the world of technology; IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Global Delivery, and more!

Justin Werner

Lead Engineer

Self Proclaimed "Developer Geek"

Justin's inherent ability to master tech stacks & languages provides him a well-rounded skillset to lead development teams to success.

Luca Marian

Lead Engineer

Active Logic's Creative Leader

As a Graphic Designer turned to Developer, Luca's creativeness allows for unique problem solving techniques paired with elegant final products.

Interested in Joining the Active Logic Team?

We are always looking for experienced & versatile software engineers who aren’t afraid of working as a team, exploring new technologies, and pushing their personal skills to their full potential.