What is Laravel and Why We Use It?


At Active Logic, we believe in using cutting-edge technology in order to provide you with the software solutions that your business needs. One system that we operate with is Laravel. Which allows us to provide you with secure, efficient and customizable pieces of software. That will help your business handle your current requirements as well as sustain future growth.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework that is used for the development of web applications. Its source code is hosted on GitHub and it is licensed under the terms of MIT License. Because of this, it is safe and free to use. 

Laravel can run on any server platform, including cloud services. This makes usage of Laravel practical in a number of situations. Better yet, because the platform has been around for some time, there are often simple solutions to complex issues. Which means our team can work efficiently for you.

The goal of Laravel is to offer out-of-the-box, ease of use. Better yet, because Laravel implements a Model-View-Controller architecture, it is extremely straightforward for developers to operate.

The first stable version of Laravel was released in 2011. Meaning the program has been around for over 10 years. This provides a litany of resources when using the system, that can be pulled from in order to solve unique problems.


How does Laravel work?

Laravel benefits from a design pattern called MVC. The “Model” part of this framework is the shape of the data that the application operates on. It is extremely flexible in terms of its use.

The “Controller” interacts with the model. Say a user wants to make a new post. The controller will then update the model to retrieve the necessary info. Most of the logic for the application is contained with the controller.

All of the application’s HTML components are represented by the “View.” The view is a template that interacts with the model and the controller. It is what is displayed to the user. 


Why use Laravel?

Our team uses Laravel because of its functionality and efficiency. It helps to speed development which can increase overall productivity. Something that we find our clients have come to appreciate.

Additionally, it comes with serious security benefits. Which aids with data migration among other things. We can also leverage the system to help develop mobile applications on both iOS and Android. 

Tasks can also be scheduled out in Laravel. With different additions, periodically executed tasks can be implemented. Compared to other frameworks, the built-in ORM implementation is considered one of the best Object-Relational Mapper. You can interact with database objects using expressive syntax.

Because of Laravel’s open nature, systems like Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud can be worked with. Due to its MIT License, users have expressive permission to reuse code for any purpose. Even if that code may be part of proprietary software.


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